History of The Cheese Tour and Cheesemakers' Guild

In 2005, a small group of Washington County cheesemakers gathered in a kitchen to address the challenge of bringing more people to their farms. Over cheeses they had each made, they developed a plan for the very first Cheese Tour. These founding cheesemakers would later create the Washington County Cheesemakers Guild, a non-profit corporation whose main focus is to put on The Cheese Tour each year. 

Set in September on the weekend after labor day, The Cheese Tour was created to forge a better understanding between customers and the foods they love, as well as a way to support these seasonal farms before the slow Winter months set in. It would be free to attend and each participating farm could create their own experience for tour guests. Fortunately, it was a success for both the cheesemakers and their guests.

Throughout the years much has changed and grown for the Cheese Tour, including the addition of an estate winery and craft farmstead brewery. Attendance at any one farm over the two days can range from 1500 - 2500 people, and many of our guests say that The Cheese Tour has become a cherished Fall tradition.