Slyboro Ciderhouse

Traditional American Ciders

18 Hicks Rd
Granville, NY 12832


Slyboro Ciderhouse at Hicks Orchard will be offering Cheese Tour guests a delicious cider and cheese pairing including four award-winning craft hard ciders. Step back in time as you enter the Slyboro tasting room, a converted cold storage barn from the 1930s. 


Named for the centuries-old hamlet that is home to Hicks Orchard, Slyboro Ciderhouse re-introduces the lost craft of traditional American ciders. Hicks Orchard is the oldest U-Pick in New York, celebrating our 116th season this fall!

 Just as grapes are transformed into wine, Slyboro ciders are fermented from estate orchard-grown apples; unlocking the full potential of the apple by creatively blending a distinctive range of delicious, award-winning ciders.

The team at Slyboro Ciderhouse is dedicated to reclaiming cider—"true cider"—as America's favorite drink.